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Ed Dumanski

I started photography & drawing in my teens but was encouraged to take professional instruction to develop as an artist in other mediums. Watercolour was my first choice & I enrolled in art classes at the Forum Art Institute in Winnipeg. As I continued, each instructor offered fresh inspiration & I developed my skills. 


Although working full time, I was able to progressively branch out

taking evening classes & many different types of workshops from over 30 artist

instructors. These were with Forum Art Institute & Leading Edge & has been a member of the

Winnipeg Sketch Club & has exhibited with the Northern Lights Group, Winnipeg City Hall, the Forks & for several years with the Manitoba Society of Artists.


Painting for the past 40 years, along with watercolour, I am now comfortable using many different mediums including acrylic, watercolour inks, collage, water soluble oil, sumi-e ink, & mixed media. I’ve grown to appreciate all these mediums. Each one can convey a message or emotion. My love of photography can be seen translating from photo to canvas or paper conveying the organic to the eye. I consider painting a journey of discovery that is related between artist & viewer. 


My work is in collections in Victoria, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Houston, Boston & New Zealand.

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