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Kristina Ryan
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Kristina Ryan

Kristina has been painting and drawing since she was a child and throughout her life, has tried many different forms of art such as oil, acrylic, pencil, soapstone carving, caribou tufting, stained glass, and even antique furniture restoration.
In the past few years Kristina has fallen in love with watercolour and that is now her main medium.

Years ago Kristina learned how to make caribou tufting from a close friend who lived in Churchill and since then, she has created hundreds of tuftings. The supply of white caribou hide is very scarce but that art form has made a comeback for her and she has recently created many more intricate pictures. 

Retirement has afforded Kristina more opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of family, art, and even a little leisure time. 

You can find Kristina on Instagram @kristina1133

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