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Ida MacKenzie

Ida is an artist living in Oakbank, Manitoba. She was lucky to grow up with a family that encouraged her creativity. At a very early age she first tried her hand at oil painting.  Later she spent several years as a potter, selling her creations and then competing as a woodcarver before returning to painting. She has expanded her painting to working in watercolour, pastels, acrylics, scratchart and sometimes combining several of these materials to create the beauty of the world as she sees it. She loves nature and the beauty it unfolds.


Her need to create never stops, so she is always pushing herself outside her comfort zone to learn more, often through books, workshops and peers. She is fortunate to take these art experiences to her family cabin under the Northern Lights and indulge in painting all summer long. For the upcoming Local Colour Art Group Digital Art Show and Sale, she is able to present her life on canvas based on pictures she has taken and places she has been.


For the past seven years, Ida has been one of the resident artists at the Springfield Art Gallery. She has also shown at Manitoba Art Expo, Gwen Fox Gallery, Wayne Arthur Gallery, and many local Art Shows including The Local Colour Art Group. Most recently she entered the Manitoba Rural and Northern Art Show where she had a piece juried in.  Over the years, Ida has won several awards with her carving as well as her painting. Many of her pieces have gone all over the world.


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