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Sharon Routley

I grew up in Saskatchewan. I have always had an artistic love and sewed a lot during my early days and then moved to Winnipeg when I attended University here. Since that time I have lived in Winnipeg and have travelled to Asia a few times.  I enjoy travelling and feel that it expands my horizons.

My artist journey started with studying Interior Design at the U of M. After I finished university, I raised my family, so had a fairly long break from painting. I started to quilt and really enjoyed working with the shapes and colors. Then I started to take some classes here and there. At one class I met a couple of people who belonged to Local Colour and suggested that I might enjoy interacting/painting with other artists  on a regular basis. So I did that and became more productive with my painting through painting with others and attending workshops. 


After a time I became a member of the Medea Gallery on Osborne Street in Winnipeg and showed my work with them for a few years before the Gallery closed. I am a current member of the Winnipeg Sketch club and have taken many workshops and classes.


One of my bigger influences in my art was when I took oil classes with Debora Cardaci. I learned a lot from her in regards to style and techniquesI Also she was very knowledgeable about the masters and their techniques so overall was a great experience and inspiration for me.


I paint  in watercolors, oils, oil pastel, mixed media and Acrylics. I continue to study and experiment; and have shown my work with Medea Gallery, Mona Lisa Restaurant, Gwen Fox Gallery, Local Colour Art Group,  Wayne Arthur Gallery,  Brushworks, the Manitoba Society of Artists, and Winnipeg Sketch Club. My style has evolved from a more representational style to a semi abstract style that focuses on emotive qualities. I am fascinated with line and colour interplay.

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