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Dawn Schmidt

My name is Dawn Schmidt and I grew up in the prairies of southern Manitoba.  From an early age I was drawn to the arts, always creating; from drawing, playing piano, writing my own music to performing as a jazz vocalist.  I was also influenced early on by my grandmother who was a landscape painter. 


As life happened it wasn’t until later while raising my four children that I realized I needed an outlet for my lost creativity.  I began taking some painting lessons at our local Steinbach art council and it has developed into a passion ever since. 


Nature has always inspired me and over the years I’m constantly drawn to the beautiful changing seasons of our province and the open skies of the prairies that are new every moment, constantly changing and evolving.  The medium I love to use the most is acrylic; however, I have worked with oil and watercolor as well in recent years.

As a result of my work being recognized I have had the opportunity and honor of painting my commissioned works.  I was also invited in 2019 to paint live on stage at the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Concert.  A few of my paintings have won awards at judged exhibitions and I am scheduled to be a guest artist in March of 2021 at the Pulse Gallery at the Forks in Winnipeg.

Painting is simply a by-product of loving what I see around me and an insatiable desire to recreate it.